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Want to keep track of what you're eating? - Over 40 Weight Loss Community

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September 1st, 2006

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12:39 pm - Want to keep track of what you're eating?

Hello everyone. I just started a community (for all ages) and I'm hoping to get some lovely ladies to join and make it wonderful.

It's called foodtrackers and it's for everyone who's trying to lose weight. I find that having supportive people around to help you make the right decisions about food is very important for one's self-esteem, and if you agree, maybe you should join. If not, that's ok, too.

Like I said, it's not age-restrictive, and it's for all sexes (although I'm sure it will be mainly female). It's friends-only.

Most posts are about what you have eaten today, how many calories you've consumed and anything pertaining to the goal of weightloss. A lot of discussions will be questions asked, and having your peers answer. A common question will be, "How much calories/grams of fat/sodium does _____ have?" A lot of us count calories, and having knowledge at your fingertips is a good way to make sure you stick to your goals.

So if this sounds anything like something you'd be interested in joining, please feel free to do so! Hope to see you all there.

Join foodtrackers today!

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