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December 10th, 2005

12:29 pm - Today's weigh in
Ok so it is Saturday again!!! I really can not stand this. This age means one week of dieting , one week of hormonal crazies, one week recuperating. So I weighed myself after week of hormonal rage and yup I have put on a pound. It is a good thing I know that when I am this hormonal I also get wicked bound up. Does any one else find this to be frustrating? Is there any real dieting while doing the short cycle change thing. I know progress is slow at our age but I want to know that I can get below 185. I have been stuck at this almost spot for about 6 weeks and I keep thinking it will go away. I truly hope this is nto a new set point for my body cause I want out of big folks clothes!!!!

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December 4th, 2005

11:08 am - holiday dieting
Well it takes all my persistence and drive but I am staying on track so far. I did get a bit of course Thanksgviving weekend but have corrected that and the pounds are moving off. Now weighing 184.5 -185 nto speedy but steady. I will not make my year goal of 175 but hey I am not going to give up. Slow and Steady wins this race.

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November 21st, 2005

08:09 pm - Weight watchers and my progress
As the mother of two college age young women (empty nest)I have found I have plenty of time now to take care of me. My youngest and I joined Weight Watchers on line back in January. The subscription was in her name and she got to weigh in every week but hey it worked. I started at 216 and by early May I was down to 183. I lost the weight so fast that I felt lousy so I stopped dieting for the summer. ( not my brightest idea but hey it all works out in the end.) By time said youngest left for college this fall I was back to 196.5. I rejoined for me only now. My girls can log in and use the site if they chose but that is their business, not mine. I am back to 185.5 now so I have hit my first 10% but alas not my own true 10% in my own log in.

The funny thing is the first time I dieted it really did not show maybe because it came off so fast it did not have time to settle. Now this much later I am down a bra size ( not that most people can notice) and down at least two pant sizes.(that gets noticed!) I am still a big woman have lots to go and figured that LJ might have something to offer and sure enough it does. Just in time to garner some support for the upcoming holidays.

So thanks for being here and I hope to be able to help others too.

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October 2nd, 2005

06:43 pm - new-kinda
Hey all-my name is Brittany, and I am looking for a couple good communities for my aunt. She is depressed, and is looking for an online support type group to join. I am kinda scoping them out before, because she is not as savy online as I am! :-) She's about 40-something, single, and lives with a roomie and her two dogs. She's got weight issues, and definate family issues. My mom (her sister) has taken advantage of her for YEARS, and her parents depend on her daily for a thousand different things. She is prettymuch the caretaker for everyone, and as I'm sure you guys know, that isn't great for a person. She's also a workaholic and a perfectionist.

Anyways, we are looking for an active place, supportive, and encouraging. And really with people more her age, but that is not as important. Please comment back, and if anyone knows any other communities that might be good, please lemme know. Thanks! -Brittany

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July 4th, 2005

07:54 pm - Just testing the waters
Just wanted to see if i'm doing this right..posting that is...
I'm here because guess what?? I need to lose weight. And i suck at it. I will just be mostly reading what others have to say for awhile as i don't really have anything to contribute at this time.
Current Mood: blahblah

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July 2nd, 2005

07:58 am - Is anybody out there?
This does not seem to be a very active group. Is everyone on vacation? or Just busy with day to day living?

I am new at this live journal thing. I love it. I tried the yahoo groups thing, but for some reason, I did not enjoy it as much as this.

I lost 1 1/2 pounds yesterday. I am sure it was all water weight, but I was still glad to see it gone this morning. I am now down to 168.5. That sure is a good feeling, but not as good as 150 pounds will be.

I got on the treadmill for 17 minutes yesterday. 5 minutes the first time and 12 minutes the second time. I need to do that more often. I think if I would get on it for 5 minutes every hour, I would be in real good shape pretty soon. 5 minutes is not a lot of time and my metabolism stays revved up for awhile after I get off.

I did pretty good on the eating thing yesterday, but last night I fell off the bandwagon. I ate 4 cookies. But the good news is the cookies are all gone now. We will not be buying any more cookies. We will only be eating fruit and sugar free Jell-O with fat free cool whip for our sweets and treats for the next several months.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to lose weight. Being over 40 makes it harder to lose the weight. But being over 50 is making it even harder.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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July 1st, 2005

02:15 pm - new to the group
Just joined today and wanted to introduce myself. I am a short overweight person. I am currently going to nursing school (out on summer break right now). I desparately need to lose at least 20 pounds before school starts back this August. I have gained and lost the same ten pounds in the last year. But to make things even worse, I have added an additional ten pounds over the last three weeks. Now I have got to lose 20 pounds in the next month and a half so I will not hurt so bad when I go to clinicals. Also, at this weight, I cannot get into my uniform. I am looking for some support at this point.

Prior to reaching this point I had lost 40 pounds using the Dr Atkins diet. This time around it is not working. Most probably because I am having a harder time sticking to the diet. It is a great diet, but the biggest drawback is that if you cheat on it, you gain back too much weight too quick and then lose interest. This time, I am going to try to go low fat and walk on the treadmill. Walking on the treadmill is the hardest thing for me to get motivated to do. We currently have a few cookies left in the house, but when they are gone, we will only be buying fruit and sugar free jello for desert and to curb the need for something sweet.

Well, enough rambling for now. Thanks for letting me join your group

Current Mood: determineddetermined

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May 21st, 2005

10:02 am - tofu shakes & benefits~
cross posted in my own journal~
~the tofu shake I have been making for the past 2 days is tasty..
not to mention seems to be making the dryness of my skin less..
& the lines less noticeable...
I notice the ones near my cheeks since I see them when looking in the rear view mirror..
but ..with the use also of a spray tanning lotion (oil base with some SPF in it)
I usually use much higher SPF..
maybe the cream is just too heavy for my skin now..
but ya ..wow ...great benefits!~
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

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May 10th, 2005

03:22 pm - New developments~diet
- Diet excercise ~Doctors advice
Sad news..MY New Doctor..thinks I should chuck my previous diet plan & try Weightwatchers/
I was agast ..since I have no Idea what kind of diet thing they have~~~
I have tried Low Fat diets-done well on them then they started making me fat almost 7years later...'Of course now I know a bit better how to read the labels..
I was on the Atkins plan..of which I felt the need to add some grains-prior to the period when allowed so lets us say -I
bent the plan to erradicate the headaches--
but of course from the start point that I was on atkins I have gained 41 lbs...yikes

I don't have the extra money to pay someone to purchase food especially for me..
I am sure I can handle that by myself...
&paying for meetings?..sheesh..
Mayber it would help me to stay vigillante..but honestly..I am ticked that I can not find info..on it other than they use a points program...
subtract points from --a daily amount to cover -yea
you can do that with any plan--but I do want to give it alook see if I feel it would be worth it to me...
The problem I am having has to do with my knees -I twisted one really bad a year ago& twisted the lefton in Nov.
I know -with the incidence of diabetis in my family I will need to do a life style change as will hubby(as itis in his family as well)
so we will see which is the better
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent

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April 30th, 2005

03:45 pm - ~the excercise tapes~
~yesterday afternoon I began my excercise routine-
after weeding dandelions in a standing/the squatt postion& straightening for 1&1/2hrs(using a long iron bar)
I tried the PT-tubing excercise tape(short & sweet workout)20 min
&I also did Charleene Prickets -Steps excercise tape @20 min(the warm up..LOL at beginner level)it definetly made me warm up-good workout even for a warmup
so ..later after picking up youngest ds19 from Work Co-op..oldest DS21 sees me sitting on the couch -legs up (listening & watching the video)
He lets out a big laugh saying ..MOm doesn't that defeat the idea of the video!? -I mean don't you have to do it(the excercise) for it to work!..lol{the smart a@@}
I told him ya ..but I already did my excercises -I am just viewing presently to see how the routines are done& which ones I want to work on when..:}
ommhh~~he says -totally tongue in cheek..lol
yes ..of course...
*** So now of course logging my carbs for just under a week I noticed the problems I am having>>>
I will be RE-doing the full Induction starting Monday..
including no-grains..&& no nuts(exception will be sunlower seeds)
1.5 crbs for 2 tbsp... yea baby!~

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